ISIS-Fish is a development supported by Ifremer but is aimed to be available to the community. To do so, numerous tools have been put in place to allow a better communication so that community can exists.

Mailing lists

Several mailing lists have been put in place. Each one of them as a precise goal.

If you have a problem using ISIS-Fish we would like you to use those lists rather than send us personal e-mails. Your question and its answer can have some interest for other people, and moreover lots of people from this list can help you.

Even if the most spoken language on those list is French, you can send your e-mails in English.

You can search through old messages from the lists from the archive page of the said list.

Lists usage statistics

List for users

List for developers

Reporting tools

Those tools allow to keep a mark of all the demands and to see their evolution in time.

To avoid spam on those tools, you have to create an account before submitting anything. This subscription does not commit yourself to anything.

Do not hesitate to tell us about any problem you might encounter and improvement idea in the bug tracking tool. This will help us to make ISIS-Fish evolve.

  • Bug tracking : To indicate bugs you may find using ISIS-Fish.
  • Feature request : To ask for features you may need in ISIS-Fish.
  • Roadmap : Allow you to see the new features planned for the next versions and their evolution.