ISIS-Fish is a complex fishery simulator. It is entirely written in Java. In its second version, the scripting language used was ECMAScript, since version 3 it uses directly Java. This allows to do syntactical checks and coloration and indicate the user the line in error.

To use ISIS-Fish, you need to have Java installed on your computer. To benefit all ISIS-Fish features you may need to also install R.


  • Embedded database,
  • Creation of as many fishing areas and populations as you want,
  • Creation of rules in scripting language,
  • Ability to modify the simulation process using scripting language,
  • Ability to run simulation plans by modifying one or more simulation data,
  • Ability to run simulations on other computer (supercomputer for example),
  • Results displayed spatially (on a map) or temporally (graph),
  • Ability to publish simulation results on a server,
  • Ability to publish a region on a server.

ISIS-Fish movie

Download video: ifremerengv2.mp4


This project was initiated and financed by Ifremer. The analysis and technical realisation were made by different partners :